French Canadian Interview Project

Eunice is a direct descendent of St. Anne's first settlers, Antoine and Ambrose Allain. These two brothers were French farmers that migrated from Canada to Bourbonnais in 1848. They finally settled in St. Anne with hope of finding better farmland. Eunice's father was Charles Frank Allain and her mother was Gladys Louise Scott. Eunice was born on April 5, 1920 in Papineau Township. She was delivered at home on the family farm just like everyone else during that time. Eunice's first years in Papineau Township were spent on the family farm with her older brother, Kenneth, and her younger sister Lola. The Allain's were very family oriented and spent their days and nights together entertaining each other. They grew up without electricity or indoor plumbing. Eunice lived on the farm until 1929 when the Allain's lost the farm in the Great Depression. From there, they moved into St. Anne. Eventually her brother was able to regain the farm and worked it himself.

Eunice held a variety of jobs in her youth. She helped her mother run a lunch facility, watched children, and worked in a library, all while attending school. Her school was a small, one-room schoolhouse half a mile away from her home. There were two other children in her class. Eunice married Robert Dykstra on April 14, 1938. The couple moved to Wichert and started a family of their own. Eunice gave birth to five children: Duane, Carol, Wanda, Mark and Donita. During their time in Wichert, Robert worked for farmers while Eunice was a homemaker.

In 1953 Robert and Eunice moved back into St. Anne. She has always lived near St. Anne and plans to stay in the area the rest of her life. Eunice has always enjoyed a challenge and has led a full and enriched life.