French Canadian Interview Project


The French Canadian Interview Project began in the fall of 2000. Dr. James Paul, professor of history and philosophy at Kankakee Community College, assigned his students the task of collecting oral histories from local 3rd and 4th generation French-Canadians in Kankakee County.

By the end of 2006, oral histories of 16 French Canadians were recorded and transcribed. Students posted their work on this website.

In the summer of 2012, a wall display was created and installed on the 3rd floor of KCC's main campus building, near room L308. This website's design was updated to match that of the wall display and to improve use with mobile devices. Original student content was not changed.

Donations from Cecile LaMarre Enright, interviewee, and Bill Dyon, son of interviewees Ambrose and Cleva Hubert Dyon, made the wall display possible.