French Canadian Interview Project

Roy Arseneau, retired veteran’s service officer (1899-1990)

Roy Arseneau was born on August 23, 1899 to George and Eleanore (Joubert) Arseneau in Bourbonnais, Illinois. Along with his mother and father, Roy was in the bakery business. When he enlisted in the army during World War I, he was assigned to a bakery company. After the war, he married Ruth L. Herrick on June 14, 1921, at Holy Name Cathedral in Chicago. They had two daughters, Madonna and Ellene.

Roy graduated from Bourbonnais schools and attended St. Viator College before enlisting in the army in 1917. He served in Company L, with many men from the Kankakee area, and in the 5th Army. He was a licensed pilot. Early in his career, Roy served as the first Kankakee County Recorder of Deeds for eight years, and later, postmaster of Bourbonnais for nine years. He retired as a service officer for the Illinois Department of Veterans Affairs. He died on December 29, 1990.