French Canadian Interview Project


French Canadian/American Native Re-enactment at Kankakee Community College (September 22, 2000)

On Friday September 22, 2000, KCC’s front lawn was home to a variety of French and Canadian settlers. Many actors portrayed these settlers from way back in the 1760s, when America was just beginning to take shape. Each actor played an important role at the temporary French-Canadian camp. Each settler told their own magnificent story about the adventures that had brought them to their temporary home. Due to the French and Indian War, many settlers were forced to travel here.  “Wood runners” as they were called, and British officers made up the majority of the settlers represented in this re-enactment.  What are “wood runners” you ask? Well, it is said that these men were otherwise known as illegal traders. Which is a possibility why they were on the move so much. The re-enactment gave many KCC students an insight to life that was lived when America was still very young.

A group of French-Canadian settlers take time out from telling stories of adventure to pose for this picture. KCC students Todd Harding (on left) and Scott Zumwalt also take time out of their busy schedule to listen to these stories in hopes of forming a grasp on how life was back when America was beginning to take shape.

Several KCC students sit and listen attentively as Josh Crane, another KCC student, asks a variety of questions of two of the many French-Canadian settlers that participated in this re-enactment. The French-Canadian re-enactment gave KCC students an insight on America’s early history.

An actor portraying a French Canadian explains the struggles his people went through everyday during the French and Indian war. Other actors portraying a variety of characters are on hand to add any information that may be needed.

With daughter in hand, KCC student Kim Nelson explores the time of the French and Indian War.

Re-enactors Alan and Claire Durbin pose with KCC student Todd Harding.

images/Picture_2.jpgA French-Canadian trader attempts to sell a trinket to KCC student Amanda Contreras.

KCC student Steve Love asks a series of questions of the French-Canadian traders.