French Canadian Interview Project



In late September, I dedicated the project to the memory of Donald Zeglis—who in the mid-1980s introduced me to the value of local history—and laid out a project schedule with an organizational chart.


Deep expressions of gratitude go to my wife Patricia, daughter Christina, and her husband Andy Bradley for the advice, counsel,and web development of these pages. We hope you enjoy what we have created! Please e-mail with your comments.


Interview project

KCC Humanities and Social Sciences Department
KCC Cultural Diversity Committee
Bourbonnais Grove Historical Society

Heritage wall

The French Canadian Heritage Wall was sponsored by Cecile LaMarre Enright, Bill Dyon, the Bourbonnais Grove Historical Society and others. Ms. Enright was interviewed as part of the project and Mr. Dyon is the son of 2 of the interviewees, Ambrose and Cleva Hubert Dyon.